Distinguished Lawyer Memorial


The Distinguished Lawyer Memorial Fund gives special and permanent recognition to deceased lawyers and judges of the San Diego County Bar who demonstrated superior legal skills and high ethical standards throughout careers of significant length.  To make a contribution in recognition of one of this year’s Honorees or to nominate a candidate for inclusion in the 2013 Memorial, please contact the Bar Foundation at (619) 231-7015.

Please join us to celebrate the lives and careers of the 2014 inductees

Hon. Rudi M. Brewster

C. Hugh Friedman
Robert Gerber
James Krause
Harvey Levine

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5:30 - 7:30
The University Club
750 B Street

San Diego, CA 92101

There is no charge to attend the reception.  Contributions may be made on behalf of any or all inductees by clicking here and will be noted in the program.

To RSVP, please call 619-231-7015 or email bwagner@sdcbf.org

1989 – 2013


Tom Adler
Walter I. Ames
James W. Archer
Hon. Richard Ault
William G. Bailey
John Herbert Barrett
Hon. Howard J. Bechefsky
Paul E. Bell
Hon. J. Michael Bollman
Maurice “Red” Boudreau
Hon. Madge Bradley
Prof. Darrell D. Bratton
Hon. Michael W. Brennan
Daniel T. Broderick, III
Hon. Gerald Brown
Hon. Edward T. Butler
Hon. James Marshall Carter
Hon. William Paxton Cary

David S. Casey, Sr.
Dean Robert Castetter
Hon. Hideo Chino
E. Stanley Conant
Hon. Robert W. Conyers
Alec Cory
C. Michael Cowett

John M. Cranston
Jack W. Crumley
John Davies
Jean F. DuPaul
Thomas M. Dymott
Roberson Reaves Elledge Jr.
William T. Fitzgerald
Ferdinand T. Fletcher
William Fletcher
Charles Hamilton Forward
Milton Fredman
Frank A. Frye
Richard F. Gerry
Gordon L. Gray
Leslie Jane Hahn
Thomas Hamilton
Mary Harvey
Dan E. Hedin
Marie M. Herney
Hon. Edgar Hervey
James Edgar Hervey
William Hillyer
Tom Homann
Daniel Bear Hunter, II
Sterling Hutcheson
Hon. Judith N. Keep
Janeen Kerper
Josephine Irving
Oscar F. Irwin
Reeve Jacques
William H. Jennings
Hon. Napoleon Jones
James Don Keller
Frederick K. Kunzel

Fred E. Lindley
Hon. F.V. Lopardo
Hon. Edgar A. Luce, Sr.
Edgar A. Luce Jr.
H. Pitts Mack
Patrick McCormick
John Wesley McInnis
Robert Meiners
Marcelle “Marcie” Mihaila
Glen M. Mitchell
Hon. Thomas Reid Mitchell
Hon. William Donald Mudd
James F. Mulvaney
John W. Netterblad
Hon. Leland C. Nielsen
Hon. Paul Overton
Alan Perry
Sol Price
Anthony T. Procopio
Bonnie Nelson Reading
Warren Reese
Hon. John S. Rhoades
William Bert Ritchey
Ben B. Rubin
Emmanuel “Manny” Savitch
Leon W. Scales
William J. Schall
Hon. Zalman J. Scherer
Hon. Edward J. Schwartz
Norman T. Seltz
Hon. Philip Sharp
Michael C. Shea
Hon. Donald W. Smith
Lt. Col. Fred A. Steiner
Jim Sullivan
Richard W. Sweat
Hon. Howard Boyd Turrentine
Hon. Daniel J. Tobin
Hon. James Toothaker
Hon. Richard Vaughn
Hon. Andrew G. Wagner
Albert E. Walkoe, Jr.
Dean Donald T. Weckstein
Richard Westbrook
Joseph “Jay” Wheeler
Hon. Vincent Whelan
Hon. William K. Woodward
Leroy A. Wright
Hon. William Alton Yale
Laurens “Bill” William Youmans, III